Audi Jn engine

The 1.8-liter Audi JN engine was produced at the German plant from 1984 to 1991 and installed in Audi 80 B2 and B3 bodies, as well as in the second generation of the Volkswagen Passat. This powertrain was characterized by the presence of the KE-Jetronic fuel injection system. The following engines belong to the EA827-1.8 line: PF, RP, AAM, ABS, ADR, ADZ, AGN, and ARG.

Technical specifications of Audi JN 1.8 gasoline engine.

Exact capacity1781 cm³
Power systemKE-Jetronic
Engine power90 HP
Torque137 - 145 nm
Engine blockcast iron R4
Block headaluminum 8v
Cylinder diameter81 mm
Piston stroke.86.4 mm
Compression ratio10
Engine featuresSOHC
Hydraulic compensator. tak
Timing drivestrip
Timing phase adjusterthere is no
Turbochargingthere is no
What oils to use3.5 liters 5W-40
Fuel type92
Environmental classEURO 1
Approximate life expectancy350 000 HP

Fuel consumption Audi Jn engine

Using the example of the 1990 Audi 80 with a manual gearbox:
City10.6 litry
Route6.0 litry
Mixed7.7 litry

Engine Overview and Common Failures

The weight of the JN engine assembly is 135 kg. The JN engine number is located at the junction of the block and the cylinder head. Most of the problems with this unit are related to malfunctions in the KE-Jetronic system. The fuel injection system cannot be called unreliable, it's just that few people know how to tune it properly. Hydraulic lifters here don't like cheap oil and can simply start sticking. With high mileage, oil consumption due to worn oil scraper rings can occur. Weak points also include components of the ignition system and the temperature sensor.

Engine Audi Jn

80 B2 (81)1984 - 1986
80 B3 (8A)1986 - 1991
Passat B2 (32)1984 - 1988

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