VW Engine Axb

The 1.9-liter Volkswagen AXB 1.9 TDI diesel engine was produced from 2003 to 2009 and installed in popular microbuses belonging to the Caravelle and Transporter range with a T5 body. This type of diesel engine gained wide recognition in the domestic secondary market. The EA188-1.9 engine includes: AJM ASZ AUY AVB AVF AWX AXC BKC BLS BXE

VW AXB 1.9 TDI engine specifications.

Exact capacity1896 cm³
Power systeminjection pumps
Engine power105 HP
Torque250 nm
Engine blockcast iron R4
Block headaluminum 8v
Cylinder diameter79.5 mm
Piston stroke.95.5 mm
Compression ratio18.5
Engine featuresSOHC
Hydraulic compensator. tak
Timing drivebelt
Timing phase adjusterthere is no
What oils to use5.8 liters 5W-40
Fuel typediesel
Environmental classEURO 3/4
Approximate life expectancy330 000 HP

Fuel consumption VW Engine Axb

Using the example of a 2006 Volkswagen Transporter with a manual gearbox:
City9.5 litry
Route6.7 litry
Mixed7.7 litry

Engine Overview and Common Failures

This is not a very powerful engine, it takes almost 20 seconds for the minibus to accelerate to one hundred kilometers per hour. However, in terms of reliability, it's not bad, breakdowns only occur at high mileage. Due to cheap oil, hydraulic compensators and camshafts can wear out quickly. The injector mounting with a single bolt can loosen over time and leaks can occur. Service technicians consider the turbocharger and tandem pump as potentially weak points of the engine.

Engine Vw Axb

Caravelle T5 (7H)2003 - 2009
Transporter T5 (7H)2003 - 2009

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