Audi Daza engine

The 2.5-liter 5-cylinder turbocharged engine Audi DAZA has been produced by the company since 2016 and is installed in many models designated as RS3 (hatchback), TT RS (coupe), and RS Q3 (crossover). A variant of this engine with a particulate filter has its own index DNWA. The EA855 engine family also includes the following power units: CEPA, CTSA, and DNWA.

Technical engine specifications of Audi DAZA 2.5 TFSI.

Exact capacity2480 cm³
Power systemMPI + FSI
Engine power400 HP
Torque480 nm
Engine blockaluminum R5
Block headaluminum 20v
Cylinder diameter82.5 mm
Piston stroke.92.8 mm
Compression ratio10
Engine featuresAVS
Hydraulic compensator. there is no
Timing drivechain
Timing phase adjusteron intake and exhaust.
TurbochargingBorgWarner B03G
What oils to use7.1 liters 0W-30
Fuel type98
Environmental classEuro 6
Approximate life expectancy250 000 HP

Fuel consumption Audi Daza engine

On the example of the 2019 Audi RS3 with an automatic transmission:
City11.3 litry
Route6.6 litry
Mixed8.3 litry

Engine Overview and Common Failures

The weight of the DAZA engine assembly is 160 kg. The engine number of DAZA is located at the junction of the block with the oil pan. Most of the problems with this engine are associated with the owner's desire for tuning. However, without a radical increase in power, the unit does not cause any special concerns. Even an aluminum block with plasma spraying instead of sleeves works without problems. On a specialized forum, complaints were found only about cracks in the vacuum tubes. For active driving, we recommend using gasoline AI-100 due to the high risk of detonation.

Engine Audi Daza

RS3 3 (8V)2017 - 2020
RS Q3 2 (F3)2019 - CE
TT RS 3 (8S)2016 - 2020

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