Audi engine ACK

The 2.8-liter V6 engine with a capacity of 30 valves, Audi ACK 2.8, was produced by the company from 1995-1998 and installed in popular models such as the A4 in the B5 body and A6 in the C4 or C5 bodies. This engine has many analogues with minor differences, for example, APR, AMX, AQD, and ALG. The EA835 engine line also includes: ALF, BDV, ABC, AAH, ALG, ASN, and BBJ.

Technical specifications of Audi ACK 2.8-liter engine.

Exact capacity2771 cm³
Power systeminjector
Engine power193 HP
Torque280 nm
Engine blockcast iron V6
Block headaluminum 30v
Cylinder diameter82.5 mm
Piston stroke.86.4 mm
Compression ratio10.6
Engine features2 х DOHC
Hydraulic compensator. tak
Timing drivestrip and two chains
Timing phase adjusterhydraulic chain tensioner.
Turbochargingthere is no
What oils to use5.5 liters 5W-30
Fuel type92
Environmental classEURO 2
Approximate life expectancy330 000 HP

Fuel consumption Audi engine ACK

Using the example of the 1996 Audi A6 with a manual transmission:
City12.8 litry
Route7.9 litry
Mixed10.3 litry

Engine Overview and Common Failures

This power unit is prone to oil and coolant leaks, especially after overheating. Hydraulic compensators and chain tensioners do not tolerate poor lubricants. Keep an eye on the condition of the timing belt, as valve damage occurs in 100% of cases when it breaks. Frequent contamination of the PCV system, throttle, and crankcase ventilation causes many problems. On high mileage, electrical components start acting up: sensors, coils, lambda probes.

Engine Audi Ack

A4 B5 (8D)1996 - 1998
A6 C4 (4A)1995 - 1997
A6 C5 (4B)1997 - 1998
A8 D2 (4D)1996 - 1998
Passat B5 (3B)1996 - 1998

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