Nissan Vq30dd engine

The 3.0-liter Nissan VQ30DD engine was produced from 1996 to 2004 in several versions and installed in popular models such as Cedric, Leopard, Stagea, and Skyline. This power unit is known for its demanding approach to the quality of fuel used. The VQ30 engine group includes: VQ30DE, VQ30DET, VQ35DE, VQ35DD, VQ35HR, and VQ37VHR.

Technical specifications of the Nissan VQ30DD 3.0-liter engine.

Exact capacity2987 cm³
Power systemNEO-Di direct injection.
Engine power230 - 260 HP
Torque295 - 325 nm
Engine blockaluminum V6
Block headaluminum 24v
Cylinder diameter93 mm
Piston stroke.73.3 mm
Compression ratio11
Engine featuresNDIS
Hydraulic compensator. there is no
Timing drivethree chains
Timing phase adjustereVTC
Turbochargingthere is no
What oils to use4.7 liters 5W-30
Fuel type98
Environmental classEURO 4/5
Approximate life expectancy300 000 HP

Fuel consumption Nissan Vq30dd engine

For example, with the 2003 Nissan Skyline with an automatic transmission:
City14.2 litry
Route8.6 litry
Mixed10.4 litry

Engine Overview and Common Failures

The weight of the VQ30DD engine according to the catalog is 190 kg. The engine number for the VQ30DD is located at the junction of the block and the gearbox. Many problems with this engine are related to the consumption of low-quality fuel. The injectors in the engine constantly become clogged, causing the fuel injection pump or MAF sensor to fail. Deposits on the intake valves often lead to detonation issues. Poor gasoline destroys the catalyst, and its particles get sucked into the combustion chamber. This is why there are scratches on the cylinder walls and oil consumption increases.

Engine Nissan Vq30dd

Cedric 10 (Y34)1999 - 2004
Gloria 11 (Y34)1999 - 2004
Leopard 4 (Y33)1996 - 1999
Skyline 11 (V35)2001 - 2004
Stagea 2 (M35)2001 - 2004

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