Nissan VQ35DE engine

The 3.5-liter V6 Nissan VQ35DE engine has been assembled at the Iwaki and Decherd plants since 2000 and is used in many prestigious models of the company, especially commonly found in Infiniti. In vehicles under the Renault and Samsung brands, this power unit is known as the V4Y. The VQ series includes the following engines: VQ30DE, VQ30DET, VQ30DD, VQ35DE, VQ35HR, and VQ37VHR.

Technical specifications of the Nissan VQ35DE 3.5-liter engine.

Number of cylinders6
number of valves24
Exact capacity3498 cm³
Cylinder diameter95.5 mm
Piston stroke.81.4 mm
Power systeminjector
Power215 - 305 HP
Torque315 - 375 nm
Compression ratio10.3
Fuel type92
Environmental classEURO 4/5

Fuel consumption Nissan VQ35DE engine

Using the example of the 2017 Nissan Murano with an automatic transmission:
City13.8 litry
Route8.0 litry
Mixed10.2 litry

Engine Overview and Common Failures

The weight of the VQ35DE engine according to the catalog is 180 kg. The engine number for VQ35DE is located at the junction of the block and the gearbox. This is a very reliable unit with a high lifespan, but oil consumption is often encountered. The cause may be due to coking from long drives at low revs, such as in traffic jams, or due to cylinder damage caused by debris from deteriorating catalysts. Oil leaks are also common. The weak point is the cardboard gaskets of the oil channels under the front cover, over time they get squeezed out, pressure drops, and errors appear regarding the phase regulators. If left unattended for too long, the oil level will drop below the critical mark. The cooling system here is not well thought out, and the fifth-sixth cylinders often overheat. Usually, this leads to a fairly rapid deterioration of valve cover seals and oil getting into spark plug wells. Owners often modify their engines themselves. Other minor breakdowns include the unreliable viscous fan clutch, and periodic adjustments are necessary due to the lack of hydraulic valve lifters.

Engine Nissan Vq35de

G35 3 (V35)2002 - 2007
I35 3 (A33)2001 - 2004
M35 3 (Y50)2004 - 2008
FX35 1 (S50)2002 - 2008
JX35 1 (L50)2012 - 2013
QX60 1 (L50)2013 - 2019
QX4 1 (R50)2000 - 2003
350Z 5 (Z33)2002 - 2006
Altima 3 (L31)2001 - 2006
Altima 4 (L32)2006 - 2012
Altima 5 (L33)2012 - 2018
Cefiro 4 (J31)2003 - 2008
Elgrand 1 (E50)2000 - 2002
Elgrand 2 (E51)2002 - 2010
Elgrand 3 (E52)2010 - CE
Maxima 5 (A33)2001 - 2002
Maxima 6 (A34)2003 - 2008
Maxima 7 (A35)2008 - 2014
Maxima 8 (A36)2015 - CE
Murano 1 (Z50)2002 - 2007
Murano 2 (Z51)2007 - 2014
Murano 3 (Z52)2014 - CE
Presage 2 (U31)2003 - 2009
Pathfinder 2 (R50)2001 - 2004
Pathfinder 4 (R52)2012 - 2016
Quest 3 (V42)2003 - 2009
Quest 4 (E52)2010 - 2017
Skyline 11 (V35)2001 - 2007
Stagea 2 (M35)2001 - 2007
Teana 1 (J31)2003 - 2008
Teana 2 (J32)2008 - 2013
Teana 3 (L33)2013 - 2018
Renault (znane również jako V4Y)
Espace 4 (J81)2002 - 2010
Laguna 3 Coupe (D91)2008 - 2012
Latitude 1 (L70)2010 - 2015
Vel Satis 1 (B73)2002 - 2009
Samsung (znane również jako V4Y)
SM7 1 (EX2)2004 - 2011
SM7 2 (L47)2011 - 2019

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