Toyota 3vz-fe engine

The 3.0-liter Toyota 3VZ-FE engine was produced from 1991 to 1996 at the American factory of the corporation and installed only in the popular sedan model Camry and its counterparts: Windom and Lexus ES 300. There was also a version of this engine with 8 valves marked with a separate index 3VZ-E. The VZ family also includes the following engines: 1VZ-FE, 2VZ-FE, 3VZ-E, 4VZ-FE, and 5VZ-FE.

Technical specifications of Toyota 3VZ-FE 3.0-liter engine.

Exact capacity2958 cm³
Power systeminjector MPI
Engine power185 HP
Torque256 nm
Engine blockcast iron V6
Block headaluminum 24v
Cylinder diameter87.5 mm
Piston stroke.82 mm
Compression ratio9.6
Engine featuresACIS
Hydraulic compensator. there is no
Timing drivestrip
Timing phase adjusterthere is no
Turbochargingthere is no
What oils to use4.3 liters 5W-30
Fuel type92
Environmental classEURO 1/2
Approximate life expectancy250 000 HP

Fuel consumption Toyota 3vz-fe engine

Using the example of the 1993 Toyota Windom with an automatic transmission:
City13.2 litry
Route7.9 litry
Mixed9.9 litry

Engine Overview and Common Failures

The engine weight of 3VZ-FE according to the catalog is 200 kg. The engine number 3VZ-FE is located at the junction of the block and the cylinder head. As a result of overheating, often due to a blown gasket, the cylinder heads often crack. A common cause of overheating is an unreliable fan hydraulic drive. There is also increased wear on the main connecting rod bearings and crankshaft journals. Additionally, the drawbacks include high fuel consumption and expensive spare parts. Typically, progressive oil consumption begins after mileage of more than 100,000 km.

Engine Toyota 3vz-fe

Camry 3 (XV10)1991 - 1996
Windom 1 (XV10)1991 - 1996
ES300 2 (XV10)1991 - 1994

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