Toyota 1VZ-FE engine

The 2.0-liter Toyota 1VZ-FE engine was produced from 1988 to 1992 at the American factory of the company and was only installed in the highest version of the Camry sedan called Prominent, for two generations. Due to overheating issues, this powertrain remained on the production line for just under five years. The VZ family also includes the following engines: 2VZ-FE, 3VZ-FE, 3VZ-E, 4VZ-FE, and 5VZ-FE.

Technical specifications of Toyota 1VZ-FE 2.0-liter engine.

Exact capacity1992 cm³
Power systeminjector MPI
Engine power136 HP
Torque173 nm
Engine blockcast iron V6
Block headaluminum 24v
Cylinder diameter78 mm
Piston stroke.69.5 mm
Compression ratio9.6
Engine featuresthere is no
Hydraulic compensator. there is no
Timing drivestrip
Timing phase adjusterthere is no
Turbochargingthere is no
What oils to use4.1 liters 5W-30
Fuel type92
Environmental classEURO 1/2
Approximate life expectancy250 000 HP

Fuel consumption Toyota 1VZ-FE engine

For example, using the 1990 Toyota Camry with an automatic transmission:
City12.4 litry
Route7.9 litry
Mixed10.1 litry

Engine Overview and Common Failures

The weight of the 1VZ-FE engine according to the catalog is 190 kg. The engine number 1VZ-FE is located at the junction of the block and the cylinder head. The most well-known problem is the cracking of the cylinder head due to gasket failure. The low reliability of the fan hydraulic drive often leads to overheating. There is also accelerated wear of the connecting rod bearings and main crankshaft journals. In addition, the parts for this engine are unreasonably expensive and not widely available. Other drawbacks include high fuel and oil consumption.

Engine Toyota 1vz-fe

Camry 2 (V20)1988 - 1991
Camry V301990 - 1992

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