VW engine Cbab

The 2.0-liter Volkswagen CBAB 2.0 TDI diesel engine was produced from 2007 to 2015 and installed in many popular models of the company, such as Tiguan, Golf 6, and Passat B6. This diesel engine has gained great popularity and is widely available on the secondary market. EA189 series: CAAC, CAYC, CAGA, CAHA, CFCA, CFHC, CKTB, CLCA, and CLJA.

Technical engine data VW CBAB 2.0 TDI.

Number of cylinders4
number of valves16
Exact capacity1968 cm³
Cylinder diameter81 mm
Piston stroke.95.5 mm
Power systemCommon Rail
Power140 HP
Torque320 nm
Compression ratio16.5
Fuel typediesel
Environmental classEURO 4/5

Fuel consumption VW engine Cbab

Using the example of the 2009 Volkswagen Passat B6 with a manual transmission:
City7.2 litry
Route4.6 litry
Mixed5.6 litry

Engine Overview and Common Failures

According to the catalog, the weight of the CBAB engine is 165 kg. The CBAB engine number is located at the front junction with the gearbox. The oil pump hexagon is integrated with the balance block in this power unit, which is driven by a very short hexagon. It tends to wear out around 150,000 km, causing the oil pump to disengage and reducing lubrication pressure in the system. In November 2009, the length of the problematic hexagon was increased, solving this issue. The fuel system, Bosch CP4, is considered very reliable, but it does have weak points. Improper maintenance can cause the roller tappet of the fuel injection pump to rotate perpendicular to the cam, resulting in metal shavings being pumped into the system. The fuel pressure regulator also regularly gets stuck, and the use of low-quality diesel immediately affects the lifespan of the piezo injectors. As for the turbocharger, the KKK BV43, also known as BorgWarner, is not problematic itself. However, its vacuum actuator for variable geometry sometimes experiences membrane cracking. The control valve of the turbocharger may also fail or its vacuum tube may rupture. Like any modern diesel engine, there are other issues such as EGR valve and intake manifold swirl flaps getting clogged, with their mechanisms being not particularly reliable. The membrane of the oil separator in the valve cover also needs regular replacement.

Engine Vw Cbab

A3 2 (8P)2008 - 2013
Golf 6 (5K)2008 - 2013
Eos 1 (1F)2008 - 2015
Passat B6 (3C)2008 - 2010
Passat B7 (36)2010 - 2014
Passat CC (35)2008 - 2011
Tiguan 1 (5N)2007 - 2015

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