BMW B58 Engine

The BMW B58 engine series, with a capacity of 3.0 liters and six cylinders, has been assembled in Munich since 2015 and used in the sporty versions of rear-wheel drive models by the German company. There are two generations of these engines, as well as the S58 line of sport units based on them. The R6 line includes: M20, M30, M50, M52, M54, N52, N53, N54, and N55.

BMW B58 engine modifications

B58B30M0 / 326 - 340 hp / 450 - 500 Nm
Number of cylinders6
number of valves24
Exact capacity2998 cm³
Cylinder diameter82 mm
Piston stroke.94.6 mm
Power systemdirect injection
Power326 - 388 HP
Torque450 - 500 nm
Compression ratio11.0
Fuel type98
Environmental classEURO 6
B58B30M0 / 326 - 340 hp / 450 - 500 Nm
1-Series F202016 - 2019
2-Series F222016 - 2021
3-Series F302015 - 2018
3-Series F342016 - 2020
4-Series F322016 - 2021
5-Series G302017 - 2020
6-Series G322017 - 2020
7-Series G112015 - 2018
B58B30M1 / 333 - 340 hp / 450 - 500 Nm
5-Series G302020 - do tepera
6-Series G322020 - do tepera
8-Series G152019 - do tepera
X5-Series G052018 - do tepera
X6-Series G062019 - do tepera
X7-Series G072019 - do tepera
Z4-Series G292019 - do tepera
B58B30O1 / 360 - 374 hp / 500 Nm
2-Series G422021 - now
3-Series G202019 - do tepera
4-Series G222020 - do tepera
X3-Series G012018 - do tepera
X4-Series G022018 - do tepera

Engine Overview and Common Failures

The B58 engine number is located on the front cover. The dry weight of the B58 engine according to the catalog is 139 kg. Coolant leaks Most complaints on forums are related to a decrease in the coolant level. The exact cause is unknown, but sometimes replacing the expansion tank cap helps. Cylinder head gasket failure This is a quite hot engine and the head gaskets tend to blow regularly. Usually, there is an immediate strong smell of burning oil, and often smoke as well. Fluctuating idle Like most gasoline engines with direct fuel injection systems, the B58 engines often suffer from fluctuating idle due to carbon deposits on the intake valves. Other weak points Less common issues here are related to Vanos phaser regulators, the purge valve, and the oil filter, which tends to disintegrate during replacement and can be difficult to access.

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