GM Lih Engine

The 1.2-liter, 3-cylinder turbocharged General Motors LIH engine has been produced in Korea since 2019 and is installed in VSS-F platform crossovers such as the Buick Encore GX and Chevrolet Trailblazer 3. There are also variants of this engine for the Opel Astra with indexes F12SHL, F12SHT, and F12SHR. The E-Turbo family also includes the L3T.

Technical specifications of the GM LIH 1.2 Turbo engine.

Exact capacity1193 cm³
Power systemdirect injection
Engine power137 HP
Torque219 nm
Engine blockaluminum R3
Block headaluminum 12v
Cylinder diameter75 mm
Piston stroke.90 mm
Compression ratio9.5 - 10.0
Engine featuresDOHC
Hydraulic compensator. tak
Timing drivestrip
Timing phase adjusterDCVCP
What oils to use4.0 liters 5W-30
Fuel type98
Environmental classEURO 6d
Approximate life expectancy250 000 HP

Fuel consumption GM Lih Engine

Using the example of the 2021 Buick Encore GX with a continuously variable transmission (CVT):
City8.4 litry
Route6.2 litry
Mixed7.8 litry

Engine Overview and Common Failures

The weight of the LIH engine according to the catalog is 102 kg. The LIH engine number is located at the back, at the junction with the gearbox. This turbo unit has appeared recently and its breakdown statistics are still minimal. On specialized forums, it is criticized for noise, vibrations, and glitches in the Start-Stop system. Like all direct injection engines, it suffers from carbon deposits on the intake valves. Since it has a timing belt in an oil bath, the lubricant needs to be changed as often as possible. There are also many complaints about the operation of the EVAP fuel vapor capture system.

Engine Gm Lih

Encore GX 1 (VSS-F)2019 - CE
Envista 1 (VSS-F)2022 - CE
Trailblazer 3 (VSS-F)2020 - CE
Trax 2 (VSS-F)2023 - CE

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