Lifan X70

The first generation of Lifan X70 was produced in the Chinese factory of the corporation from 2017 to 2020. In our country, this model was sold from 2018 to 2020, and for the first half year, its production took place in Dervaise. This crossover is based on the platform of its predecessor but has its own engine and gearbox. The X family also includes models: X50, X60, and X80.

The car was equipped with engines:

Lifan X70

Common Features
Engine Power136 HP
Torque178 NM
Acceleration to 100 km/h13.8 seconds
Max speed180 km/h
City consumption8.9 liters
Combustion on the road6.5 liters
Mixed expenditure7.5 liters
Fuel tank capacity55 liters
Loaded weight1460 kg
Full weight1760 kg
Load300 kg
Trunk volume419 liters
Common dimensions
Overall Length4390 mm
Width1820 mm
Height1715 mm
Distance axis2610 mm
Overhanging front865 mm
Rear projection915 mm
Angle of entry23.5°
Front axle1545 mm
Rear track1525 mm
Overall ground clearance195 mm
Min. turning radius5.4 m
Tire size215/60 R17

Overview and Common Failures

The body and interior The car body requires mandatory anti-corrosion treatment, otherwise rust will not keep you waiting. The main advantage of the car is its attractive design and spacious interior. The materials used for the interior trim are inexpensive, but they are not very durable and have weak sound insulation. There are also frequent complaints on the forum about assembly defects and low carrying capacity. As for the electrical system, there are few problems, but usually wiring is to blame for all malfunctions. Engine The 2.0-liter LF483Q engine is quite reliable and differs little from the old LFB479Q. At 100,000 km, oil consumption or timing chain stretch may occur. It is important not to forget about adjusting the valve clearances, otherwise they will quickly burn out. Transmission The 5-speed manual transmission LD525MF does not have a long lifespan and rarely lasts more than 100,000 km. The Wuhu Wanliyang 019CHD variator is quite reliable with frequent lubricant changes. Such units are rarely repaired, and in case of a breakdown, you will have to buy a transmission from the dealer. Suspension Original suspension components do not last long, some only last 10-20 thousand kilometers. But there is a lot of high-quality non-original parts available for this model with excellent durability. The same goes for the braking system, just buy normal discs and brake pads.