Lifan X60

'The first generation of the Lifan H60 was produced in factories in China, Iran, and Myanmar from 2011 to 2018, with assembly of our version taking place at the Dervais plant in Czerkiesk from 2012 to 2018. Thanks to its low price, this crossover enjoyed great popularity in our market. The X family also includes models: X50, X70, and X80.'

The car was equipped with engines:

Lifan X60

Common Features
Engine Power128 HP
Torque162 NM
Acceleration to 100 km/h14.5 seconds
Max speed170 km/h
City consumption9.0 liters
Combustion on the road6.5 liters
Mixed expenditure7.6 liters
Fuel tank capacity55 liters
Loaded weight1405 kg
Full weight1705 kg
Load300 kg
Trunk volume405 (1794) liters
Common dimensions
Overall Length4405 mm
Width1790 mm
Height1690 mm
Distance axis2600 mm
Overhanging front830 mm
Rear projection895 mm
Front axle1515 mm
Rear track1502 mm
Overall ground clearance179 mm
Min. turning radius5.4 m
Tire size215/60 R17

Overview and Common Failures

Body and Interior The weakest point of this model is the body, without rust protection it quickly rusts. And the main advantage of the crossover is its very spacious interior for such a price. The finishing materials here are cheap and not wear-resistant, there is no sound insulation at all. However, the main issue is assembly defects, especially for cars of the first years of production. On forums, people often complain about low ground clearance and low load capacity. Engine The 1.8-liter engine LFB479Q is quite reliable, but only up to 100 - 150 thousand km mileage. Then the timing chain usually stretches and oil consumption occurs due to ring deposits. And don't forget to adjust the valve clearances, otherwise they will simply burn out. Transmission The 5-speed manual transmission LD517MF does not have a long service life, sometimes the housing even cracks. They also installed a 5-speed manual transmission ZhuZhou ZQC5T18 here, which is no better. The Punch VT2 continuously variable transmission serves without problems up to 250,000 km with regular oil changes. But solenoids of the hydraulic block fail quickly due to dirty oil in this gearbox. Suspension The suspension settings are very strange, the car is difficult to handle on a bad road. The service life of many elements is short, however, there is a lot of high-quality non-original parts available. The brakes are very weak and not durable, but again, there are excellent alternatives available.